Company Overview

Amma rice is a brand from the family of K&K AgroTech which is an established firm in the Agriculture field. The rice brand was formed to ensure the distribution of quality rice to everyone by using the latest and effective technology in the whole process.

We are looking forward to becoming the leading rice brand of Kerala and other states in the future years. We always make sure to stay close to nature since our brand name is ‘Amma’ which represents mother nature.

Company Objectives.

1. Ensure the distribution of quality rice to everyone with premium care.
2. Become a family member by gaining trust through the quality and taste of the rice.
3. Deliver the best variety of rice which is more nutritious and healthy than the other ones.
4. Use the best and new technology in the cultivation, collection, processing and packing of the rice .
5. We intend to give the world an experience of varieties of rice from God’s own country.

What makes us different?

Our Features

Health Benefits

Crop from the paddy fields is procured safely and processed into rice without losing any of its nutritional value. Especially the bran retained rice helps for strengthening the immune system; for increasing energy and improving athletic performance.

Quality Ensured

Our production cycle is set up in a way to ensure quality in all stages from procuring the grain to delivering. You will find quality as the top priority in our products as well as customer service. This keeps us in the frontline since our entry into the quality concerned market.


Our selected rice grains are consistent in flavor, aroma, appearance, and ease of cooking. And we monitor our processing to ensure that the rice has uniform boiling time and texture. This makes individual cooking more effortless and gifts a happy meal.


We have carefully packed the rice in sustainable containers in different quantity according to different customer’s needs ranging from family to individual usage. We take direct feedbacks from customers which strengthens our product quality.