Our company, K&K AgroTech was established in the year 2007 to serve the purpose of bringing premium quality rice products to the market. 'Amma' which signifies the purity of our extraction process of the rice from Mother nature, who feeds all her children very well.
Since our founding years, we were able to achieve a lot of expertise in the market and this has helped us constantly update our ecosystem with the changing times. Our R&D department helps us stick to this process. This strategy has made us one of the leading premium rice brands in Kerala.

Why we are special?

Kuthari rice is one of the most nostalgic habits of Malayalees. Hot cooked rice with curries is a pleasant memory and an experience wherever you go in the world. Amma Rice brings together the uniqueness and goodness of the real kuthari rice that adds to the Malayalee heart. The rice harvested from the selected paddy fields in Kerala is prepared in the most sacred manner for each and every Malayalee with the latest technology. Our product stands for the taste that fills the heart, and for the smile that fills the mind.
Unquestionable the most staple food in the world processed with utmost care and love.


Unda RiceUnda Grains
Vadi RiceVadi Grains


Palakkadan Matta

Amma Unda rice is a Kerala traditional variety of rice which is short in length. It is rich in bran which is highly nutritional and a booster for the immune system. This rice is popular for its rich red colour.

Available at 50kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg.


Palakkadan Matta

Amma Vadi rice is rich parboiled rice which is long in size. Its sweetness and softness in texture made it unique among other rice varieties. Also, the layer of bran enriches its nutritional value.

Available at 50kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg.

We make sure that every batch of production undergo international.